Kanji Drop is the easiest way to learn Japanese!
Over 500,000 downloads worldwide!

Make learning Japanese kanji the most fun part of learning Japanese!

Kanji blocks fall and you line them up to make words and other kanji! Fun for all skill levels.

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Kanji Drop is for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Arabic, French, German, Korean, Russian, Chinese, & Japanese speakers!

Now in translated to more languages! Also a great way for native Japanese speakers to practice English!

The Reviews are in!

"We rarely post an entire blog dedicated to one learning app – but we think that this is hands down the best video game that you can use to improve your Japanese learning (and it’s also free)."

"It’s a great way to learn kanji for beginners, and a fun alternative to cards for advanced students, since you can import your Anki, WaniKani, and Koohii decks, as well as a fun game in general"

"Kanji Drop is also a kind of anti-stress for the eyes and brain, which makes learning Japanese through this game not only unique and interesting, but also enjoyable and relaxing"

"[U]sers will be pleased with the colorful design, which allows them to escape from external stimuli and plunge into the world of learning the language of the great samurai with joy."

Kanji Drop was added to the list of the Best Apps to Learn Japanese!

"You can really tell this game has a soul. It has so much put into it. I'll overlook how complicated the GUI is but man, this is amazing! So many different functions, descriptions to help memorize, quizzes, lists of combined kanji for all the symbols, you can click on the combined ones to memorize those too. Simply wonderful. Hell, the kanji blocks even have a barely visible background to help you subconciously memorize it. Simply wonderful, I haven't seen a better app for this. So underrated!" - WS, Android User

We are on a mission to make learning more accessible and fun! Please support our cause.

Ever play a game and then feel accomplished, only to have the feeling fade immediately when you realize you actually did not do much for yourself intellectually or professionally?

What if you could play games that were just as fun, but when you're done, you not only feel as accomplished but now you know something new - like a new language.

That is the mission of Riot Shield Games and we need your help! Please make an in-app purchase or click on our crowdfunding links here to support us. Thank you!

Chinese Drop also available!

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Play a game to train your brain!

Whether you're planning a trip to Japan or just want to keep your brain sharp, Kanji Drop will give you something to show for the time you put in. Whoever said playing games is a waste of time never tried Kanji Drop! You'll be surprised how quickly you will be able to recognize Japanese/Chinese characters wherever you go!

Kanji Drop is great for classrooms!

Studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or studying from a textbook? Kanji Drop has you covered. You can select to learn kanji just for your JLPT level or from textbooks such as Genki and Nakama! The app also includes a full glossary complete with animated stroke order diagrams! Don't get burned out from studying by writing and rewriting kanji -- play a game and practice the fun way!

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