F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play?

Blocks with kanji or commonly found parts of kanji fall down. You keep them from rising to the top by combining them to form words or other kanji. When you make a word, it blows up the blocks around it! When you make a kanji, though, the pieces combine into one block and it changes color. When you do this, the meter on the right fills up. When it reaches the top, a lot of kanji blow up! You will also release bonus blocks from time to time that give you a powerup! See if you can collect them all!

Why can't I hear spoken Japanese words?

Trust me, the app has spoken Japanese! Sometimes your phone settings need to be changed. Here's how to do it:

For Android phones, please go to Settings -> General Management -> Language and Input -> Text-to-Speech. Make sure your Preferred Engine is the Google Text-to-speech engine. You can check other settings by pressing the gear icon near it. You may also want to install data for English and Japanese. You can also search for "speech" in the settings menu.

If that does not work, or if you have this problem on a non-Android phone, please email info@kangenius.com for one-on-one help! Thank you!

How do I turn off ads?

Just buy coins from the store. Look for the yellow icon in the upper right with the "$" in it. Whenever you make a purchase with real-world money, it turns off all ads - and you get in-game coins to spend on powerups!

The game is too fast! What do I do?

This is by design! When it goes fast, it forces you to recall faster. This will help your learning tremendously.

If it's still too fast, you can buy a powerup from the store. Click the yellow button with the "$" in it in the upper right and look for the powerup with the turtle!

How do I change the language of the game?

From the main menu, press the button in the upper left with the flag on it.

How do I upload my own custom learning list?

You can now import your Anki, WaniKani, and Koohii decks into Kanji Drop - the falling block puzzle game based on the Japanese language! They go in your Favorites List and from there, you can have them fall as blocks in the game! You can also bulk import words. It's a fun way to practice!

Additionally, if you find progress to be too slow, you can unlock all kanji from the store!

By the way, each story for a kanji links to the Koohii.com page for that kanji!

Useful Links:
- Visual instructions
- Exporting WaniKani Decks
- Exporting Anki Decks
- Go here and press "Export to CSV" to Export your Koohii deck

I'm learning a lot! How do I express my thanks?

Aww, you're the best! Please write a kind review, tell your friends, post about Kanji Drop on social media, or make an in-app purchase! This helps keep the game going and helps me make more apps!

Who is the team behind Kanji Drop?

It's just me! I like making games that help people learn but are still really fun! I have a LOT of ideas and I do this on the side, so your support means a lot ot me!

How can I reach you?

For any inquiries, please email info@kangenius.com! Thanks!

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